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Level up Your Career with a Business Analyst, Data Analyst, and Project Management Bootcamp !

We bring to you a 6-in-1 Sextuple Salesforce Systems Administration, Business Analysis, Data Analysis, and Project management bootcamp. This bootcamp will give you the hands on the Hands-on experience needed to interview for Technical and Non-Technical Salesforce, business analysis, and data analytics related positions. This bootcamp not only comes with an emphasis on a niche software such as Salesforce which is a position within tech that is highly in demand, lucrative, and has less competition because there aren't enough candidates, but also comes with self-paced guidance on learning Gainsight as well which is also another CRM that is growing in demand.

The goal is to have each student leave with their own person digital portfolio built to display their new technical talents.

Dates: September 12th - March 3rd

Times: Tue & Thurs 6:30pm - 9:30pm EST

Location: Virtual

What is Salesforce & why is it so lucrative?

Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) software that is used across various industries. This software has various products and sub-categories used for marketing, finance/billing, and healthcare. There is endless career possibilities within Salesforce.

Jobs you can apply to Post Bootcamp:

Average Salary is $70k - $100k+ Annual for entry level

Note this can be across all industries (Healthcare, Finance, Education, Etc..)

  • Salesforce Systems Administrator
  • Gainsight Systems Administrator
  • Business Analyst (Salesforce or general) (Functional or Technical)
  • Business Insights Analyst
  • Business Operations Manager/Analyst
  • Sales Operations Analyst
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Product Owner
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Data Analyst (Various kinds)
  • Salesforce Data Analyst
  • Tableau CRM Analyst
  • Jr. Project Manager/Project Analyst
  • Jr. Scrum Master
  • Customer Success Analyst/Manager
  • PowerBi Analyst
  • Reporting Analyst

*This is for the "Ambivert, Extrovert" Personality Type

You'll Learn...

Salesforce Administrator

  • Salesforce Fundamentals
  • Managing Users and access
  • Roles and permissions
  • Creating new users, roles, and groups
  • Creation of Reports
  • Field types and Salesforce objects
  • Creation of custom buttons, link units, and actions
  • Validation and workflows
  • Creation of Role Hierarchy
  • Security Data Security Model
  • Data Management in Salesforce

Data Analytics

  • Intro to Data Analytics
  • Various types of Statistics
  • Data types and structures
  • Data Analytics lifecycle
  • Data Science terminologies
  • Various types of analytics
  • Data visualization tools (Tableau, PowerBi)
  • Data Analytics in different industries
  • Data storytelling with data visualization tools.


  • Database design
  • Selecting and counting rows
  • Subqueries and JOINS
  • Filtering rows with WHERE, AND, OR, NOT, NULL
  • Aggregating rows with SUM, AND, OR, NOT, NULL

Business Analysis

  • Project Classification and Project Phases dissection
  • Business Requirements Elicitation Techniques and simulation
  • Problem Analyzation and documentation
  • Scrum Artifacts and Methodologies
  • Team Collaboration and Project Organization Methods
  • Business Analysis tools such as Jira, Azure Devops, etc

Project Management

  • Project management introduction
  • Project Initiation (scope, skills, risks)
  • Project planning & cost
  • Change control, project communication, risks
  • Project execution (closure, lessons learned)

Product Management

  • The mindset of a Product Manager
  • How to identify customer problems
  • Stakeholder management & strategies around communication to influence
  • Various agile method's that influence product management
  • Prototyping (Wireframes & Rapid Prototyping)
  • Product Health management (Assessing & improving)
  • Data Analytics within product management


  • Intro to Scrum
  • Scrum principles and concepts
  • The different scrum roles within an organization
  • Various scrum phases and it's different processes
  • Various scrum meetings (daily scrum, sprint planning, retrospective, etc)
  • Scrum artifacts and constructing deliverables

Customer Success

  • Intro to customer success
  • Empathizing and thinking like a customer
  • Collaborating with various departments across company
  • Key practices and principles of customer onboarding
  • Constructing success plans for accounts
  • Managing current accounts and retaining customer relationships
  • Utilizing Salesforce and Gainsight for customer success


  • Business Analysis/Project Management Process Implementation
  • Salesforce Application Development
  • Salesforce Integration X2
  • Building and perfecting Data Analytics Digital Portfolio

*Bonus (self-paced)

Gainsight Resources

Certification's students will get the chance to obtain during this bootcamp

  • Salesforce Systems Administrator
  • PSM 1 (Professional Scrum Master 1)
  • Tableau Desktop

Note: MTBF will only sponsor your PSM 1 certification for this bootcamp per reimbursement


  • Attendance is important because this Bootcamp is Hybrid Modeled which means there will be live lecture twice a week in which students will have to be present for.
  • Homeworks and projects are highly suggested to be submitted on time or before Bootcamp concludes in order to receive resume reconstruction.
  • Participation is fundamental as most Tech jobs operate within collaborative environments and this bootcamp will simulate that.
  • Motivation and positivity as the most successful students usually operate on a self motivated and optimistic level.

What to Expect

  • Lecture hours will be Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6:30pm - 9:30pm Est zone
  • This Bootcamp comes with several resume templates/guidance & LinkedIn Optimization
  • This also comes with group & singular interview prep
  • Hands-on Labs & Collaborative training utilizing real world case studies and scenarios
  • Project/Capstone Weeks
  • An add on bonus are group presentation sessions in which Subject matter experts come to present to you various Tech topics
  • Please understand that this is not an overnight process as the average job search process takes average of 1-6 Months post bootcamp
  • Students who are unsuccessful in obtaining more than 2 interviews within 3 months post bootcamp will be able to apply for a Resume Touch-up

After Acceptance

  • Students will be required to complete prerequisite courses between the moment they have received their acceptances to the start date of the bootcamp. These prerequisite courses have certifications of completions post and will be required to submit before the stated deadline on your acceptance letters.
  • 1 month before bootcamp begins, you will be onboarded into our LMS to access your 6-month planner composed of recommended self-paced recommended prerequisites and courses that are both free and low cost 1 month before the start date.

Payment Plans

*More Details

  • There are 2 payment options which are Pay in full or via Payment plan
  • For Payment plan students, students will put down the required deposited amount and our finance team will send you an invoice within 7 days after acceptance to be paid off before the bootcamp begins on designated dates. The frequency will be Bi-weekly payments.
  • Payments has to be paid in full BEFORE the bootcamp begins.
  • There is no "Pay when you obtain a job" option at this moment as all payments will have to be paid in full before class begins.

Our Application Process

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We may also reach out to you for additional clarification concerning your application.

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After you complete both steps one and two on this page, we will begin reviewing your application.

Within 2-3 weeks max we will update you on the status of your bootcamp admission, If you are selected we will be in contact with our next steps.

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